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Do I qualify for a free boiler grant?

In order to qualify for a free boiler grant you need to meet certain eligibility criteria. You can find out if you’re likely to qualify or not by clicking here. You’ll then need to answer a few simple questions.

Here is some information about the criteria you’ll need to meet, the questions we’ll ask you and why

About Your Home

Firstly we’ll ask you about your current living situation. As long as you own your own home or you are a tenant living in privately rented accommodation (and you have your landlord’s permission) you might be eligible for a boiler grant to replace your old boiler.

Unfortunately, people living in social housing are unable to apply but it’s possible your local authority may have other support schemes available.

Your Benefits

The ECO scheme was set up with the intention of helping households on the lowest incomes to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their energy bills.

For this reason, you must be in receipt of one of the following benefits to apply:

If you claim Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit your income will be assessed before deciding if you’re eligible or not.

Your Boiler

To be eligible for replacement with new condensing, A rated boiler your existing boiler needs to be:

The scheme applies to non condensing gas boilers or condensing boilers which are under 86% efficient. Currently, grants are not available for electric boilers and funding for Gas is limited but there are grants available for LPG and Electric Storage Heaters.

How does the process work?

After you’ve applied for a boiler grant by completing our online form we will need to give you a quick call to confirm that you meet all the necessary criteria. It will only take a few moments to assess your eligibility. We’ll need to check what benefits you receive, your annual household income, how many children are living in your home and confirm your status (whether you’re a private tenant or own your own home).

We will also ask you for the make and model of your current boiler, how old it is and whereabouts it’s located. If you can have all of this information to hand when we ring we’ll be able to get your application processed a lot quicker.

ready to apply?
Boiler Grants via Government
  • After six weeks with no hot water after my boiler failed and was listed as at risk and past economic repair, the prospect of finding funds for a new one was daunting. On an off chance I contacted Melissa at Knowle Engineering , she was so helpful and organised Funding towards a new boiler. The whole process went smoothly from initial survey to installation, all organised through Melissa and within 2 weeks My new boiler was fitted. Stress free. Amazing customer service, they go above and beyond to help. I can’t thank them enough

    Sally Gloucestershire

How do you find out if you are eligible for a boiler grant?

You can fill in our form